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1. After a discussion ​

with you, your doctor submits an order for

your exam.

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2. Our Ponto Care assistant calls to schedule your at-home exam visit.

3. Our technician safely conducts your prescibed exam with remote supervision.

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4. You and your doctor have a virtual consultation to discuss results and next steps.

Over this past year, we've learned that virtual care is limited without the addition of an in-person component. ​​

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Dr. Kaden, Ophthalmologist ​

New York City

By bringing the eye exam to the
patient, Ponto Care allows us to
provide comprehensive virtual care.


What happens after I schedule my appointment? ​

Once your exam is scheduled, you will receive a

confirmation notification via text message.  The day

of your exam, you will receive another appointment

verification text, as well as the image of the technician

coming to your home or business. You can also view

the vehicle being dispatched and traveling to you

in real time.   ​​


What is the cost for Ponto Care?​

We charge you a fixed fee per visit. And your health insurance covers ​

your exam fees the same way it does when you go to the clinic.​

What are your hours of operation and service areas? ​

Monday thru Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm​

Saturday: 8:00am to 5:00pm ​

We are currently serving Nassau and Suffolk counties,

Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx

and Westchester.​ NOTE: We are quickly expanding

our area of operations.

What safety measures have been put in place? ​

Your health and safety are always our top priorities. Before entering your home, our examiner is outfitted with appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment), which includes mask, lab coat, gloves and booties.  After the exam is completed, all PPE and tools used are bagged for proper disposal and/or sterilization. ​

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